Actor Reel

Looking to add top quality material to your reel? As an actor having a demo reel is essential.  If you want to work in TV and Film this is the single most important investment you can make in your career. But do it right. In order for a demo scene to serve you it needs to look like a legitimate professional credit. That can only be achieved if it’s done by filmmaking professionals.

Unlike most companies that only focus on the technical aspect of production, we treat your scene as a real opportunity to showcase your talent. Which is why our package is customized to the individual client. We’re filmmakers with years of experience and expertise, and that informs us on how best to showcase you. We treat your scene with the same commitment to excellence that we do with all of our projects. 

Starting Cost:

  • $175 for 90 minutes 

  • $25 for each script we need to write per scene (with in the 90 minutes)

  • 1 week turn around

  • Music added (No cost)

  • sound effects added (No cost)

  • Travel Costs: (If travel is required) 58¢ a mile, over 100 miles is an additional $60 on top of the mileage. 

  • Any other cost will be discussed. 

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