Catch The '57

1:12 min   |   Teaser Trailer  | 

Producer: Frank Cantu / Danny Sauceda / Ryan Ochoa

Director: Ernest Serrano

It is 1962 when Frank prepares his 1955 muscle car for another challenger. In his fifteen-plus years of street racing in the valley' Frank has seen it all. Accompanied by his nephew, Rickey, Frank pulls his car to the start line, looks back, and gives the boy a thumbs-up. Seconds later, Frank becomes a victim of a violent crash that takes his life and leaves Rickey heartbroken. After a tumultuous decade, Rickey learns his uncle's death may not have been an accident. His quest to uncover the truth takes him to the Midwest where he hopes to track down Driver, a racer who may know the real story behind Frank's death. While finding trouble with other street car racers along the way, Rickey meets a beautiful girl and picks up an unexpected passenger. But it is not until he meets Driver that Rickey realizes that his quest is just beginning.

Catch the '57

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