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New York State of Mind

A New York City mob boss has been framed from multiple murders which he did not commit. He looks towards his two loyal associates to find him a way to locate the real murderer. A truss maybe in the works but he knows a double cross when he sees one. He has one of his associates find his wife and bring her to his secret warehouse in the city. A double is coming, but he is shocked from who.

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Serrano Studios is an honest and creative film production company located in the Central Valley of California. We pride ourselves on working with anyone willing to bring their vision to life. Storytelling is our love.  Cinematography is a passion. The journey is the fun part. 

Actor Reel

Looking to add top quality material to your reel? As an actor having a demo reel is essential.  If you want to work in TV and Film this is the single most important investment you can make in your career. But do it right. In order for a demo scene to serve you it needs to look like a legitimate professional credit. That can only be achieved if it’s done by filmmaking professionals.


Serrano Studios will help by consulting on your projects to get the best bang for your buck. We all need a little help every now and then. 

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Serrano Studios has always been about progression. We create content that inspires the mind and fills the senses. Click on the more info link to find out


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